Saturday, October 29, 2016

Episode 8 "Indestructible Action Suits" (with Alex Koch)

In this episode, co-host of Graphic Novelism and world's biggest Batman fan Alex Koch joins Cori & James for a look at the Maid of Might's first encounters with the Bat Family. Superjerk hitches a ride on the Hobo Express, Batman regrets not buying a Life Alert Bracelet, Alfred is stolen from the Waynes forever, Robin takes Jimmy Olsen to his Fortress of Shame, and Kara hurls Batgirl off a cliff and then she's dead forever. Kryptonite dish gloves? Duplicitous jetpack-clad thespians? Enough plot twists to knock you into the third dimension?  Sounds like a job for Cori & James!

(DISCLAIMER: Due to some recording and connection issues, this episode's audio is a bit choppy in places. We goofed! Next episode will sound much better.)

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Music used: Supergirl: The Movie Main Titles and Phantom Zone by Jerry Goldsmith
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