Thursday, July 27, 2017

Episode 16 "Pledging To The Kara Kara Karas!"

In this episode, Supergirl must make the hardest choice of her life when she is torn between the father who raised her and the cousin who held her captive. Meanwhile, Lena accidentally enslaves a tribe of elephants, Luthor takes up gardening, and Beppo The Supermonkey finally gets some. Wedding bells for a Luthor? The most dysfunctional custody battle in legal history? And what is this... THE END OF HIGH SCHOOL FOR LINDA? This sounds like a job for Cori & James!
(NOTE: The audio in this episode cuts out in a few few places. We did the best we could to fix it, but it's still a little weird at ties. As with all things, we blame Jimmy Olsen.)

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Music used: Supergirl: The Movie Main Titles by Jerry Goldsmith
Vangelis Sound-Alike by Filmmusic Group
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