Sunday, August 5, 2018

Episode 17 "SUPERGIRL STOLE MY BIRTHDAY, And Other Tales Of Heartache"

In their dynamic return, your hosts escape from the Phantom Zone, and like every criminal there, they are far too invested in the life of a teenage superheroine! Meanwhile, Comet reaches an all-time low for horses in capes, The Legion Of Superheroes get red-pilled by space, Supergirl's Doppelganger begins her Five-Point Revenge, and the most SWOLE villain of them all begins his quest for power... by FLEXIN'. Academic fraud that unmakes space and time? What was once the perfect man, instead a protoplasm shame? And... could it be... a WINNER for our fan art contest?! This looks like a job for Cori & Jamie (long story)!

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Music used: Supergirl: The Movie Main Titles by Jerry Goldsmith
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  1. Good to see you both back! Really missed your podcast while you were trapped in the Zone. Keep up the great work, it's really appreciated.